Why does a prospect choose one business over another? Price is the first thing that probably comes to your mind, but price does not top the list. More often than not, top companies differentiate themselves by using one or more of the following competitive advantages that clearly set them apart in the marketplace.

1. Offer a unique service or process. Although you and your competition may offer similar products or service you can highlight the special nature of what you offer. Point out that your service technicians have combined experience of _____ years. Possibly, that last year you trained over 10,000 making you the “leader” in operator training.

2. Highlight the skills and expertise of your department heads. Enhance their visibility as the experts in their “field” and profile them on your website.

3. Specialize! Let your customers and prospects know that you solve a particular problem that you know is common among your end users. Find a product or service void and fill it. Become a specialist, let end users know that you are the “the expert who is known for…”

4. Populate a section on your website with testimonials from your top customers. Distinguish yourself by highlighting the type of clients you serve.

5. Position your firm by using descriptive language that separates you from the pack. You are the “largest” or the “premier” “the leader in” your specialty. Use strong, descriptive language to brand your company as unique.

Keep in mind that perception is reality. Survey your customers, find out what is most important to them about the products and services you provide and deliver those products and services. Select 3-5 solid differentiators, and then use your digital and traditional channels to promote them so that your customers know you are not just another equipment distributor.

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