In many ways, high growth distributors aren’t all that different from average distributors. They focus on getting good people, providing quality products and services and maintaining their sales. But there are a few things they do differently, the things that generate their success.

Most distributors believe their competitive advantage comes from within their company. Their brand recognition, level of experience, superior products, talented staff or customer service department helps them to win more sales. At first glance, that argument seems logical. But real-world buyers have grown weary of hearing the same tired clichés. Virtually, every distributor says more or less the same thing. And customers have stopped listening. High growth distributors take a different approach to growth. They choose to talk about issues that hit home with their customers and offer them multiple solutions.

These four keys are what will contribute to driving remarkable growth at your distributorship:

1.    High growth distributors talk about delivering desired outcomes. They focus on the end results that will solve a problem for their customers, not their company’s list of qualifications.

2.    They are built around the customer. Customer service doesn’t mean just doing what they are told. It’s about making the customer’s life easier. The benefit to you is higher than average customer retention.

3.    They are flexible in their approach to solving their customer’s problems. There is no “one size fits all” approach and they understand how much customers value a flexible approach with multiple solutions.

4.    They focus on building their reputation. Customer referrals and testimonials add trust and credibility. This is a key element in building a high growth distributorship.

High growth distributors focus on their clients’ needs and priorities, while average distributors are preoccupied with their list of qualifications and their internal expertise. To start realizing remarkable growth, apply these four keys to your marketing and turn your focus from who you are to what you can do for your customer.

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