Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons . . .

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t talk with us. You, and everybody else on the management team already have plenty to do, your business is profitable, the status quo is comfortable, and besides, it seems unlikely that some outsider might know something about taking business from your competition that you haven’t had the opportunity to learn yet. And against all that, we can only give you one reason to talk with us. We can show you how to add millions of dollars in additional (equipment sales) revenue and profits to your bottom line and because we offer our service risk-free, we can do it without any career risk to you or financial risk to your business. Isn’t that possibility worth a stimulating and fact-filled 30-minute conversation? 


How does your marketing service differ from the next guys?

Because of mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations, the businesses we work for have fewer end-users to sell to than in the past. And if that weren’t bad enough, they also have to deal with more competitors. Perhaps, Jeff Immelt, past CEO of GE, put it best, “We need organic growth—and that will rest on our ability to sell more (to our existing customers) and take business away from our competitors.” Isn’t that what you want for your business? What makes us different is that we don’t waste our client’s money by trying to sell to everyone in their sales territory. We can reduce our client’s new customer acquisition costs by about 65%. We can do that because we know how to get you a list of your competitor’s biggest and most valuable customers. These customers spend $4 for every $1 spent by the average customer in your sales territory. That’s not just effective; it’s the most efficient way to take business away from your competitors—more business at a significantly lower cost.

What can you do that my salespeople can’t do?

Isn’t the primary responsibility of your salespeople to close deals? And isn’t that how you measure their success and compensate and award them? We are not salespeople. Our skill is taking the most valuable customers away from your competition and motivating them to buy from you.   Even if your salespeople had the time to do that, we could still do it for a fraction of the cost. Each of our Business Development Representatives (“BDRs”) initiates about 20,000 conversations annually. Can you imagine someone with the right skill set placing 20,000 calls in your sales territory and not generating a great deal of new equipment and aftermarket business?

How do you get my competition’s customer lists?

In a sense, you have already got it; you just didn’t know it. The top 20% of your customers, on average, spend $4 more each year than your average customer. If you look at the demographics of the top 20% of your customers, you will find they are about the same as the top 20% of your competition’s customers. We are experts at compiling lists. On your behalf, we will determine the demographics of the customers that make up the top 20% of your customers, and we will use those demographics to source a list of all of the businesses in your sales territory that match the demographics.

When we acquire that list and remove your customers from it, what’s left is a list of the businesses that make up the top 20% of your competition’s most valuable customers. There may be some minor differences, but not enough to keep us from taking the most valuable customers away from your competition and motivating them to buy from you. While a fair amount of labor is involved in determining the demographics and compiling the list, it’s not overly complicated. Besides, it’s part of our service.