Early bird

We wish we’d thought up Early Bird, but we didn’t. The credit belongs to one of our clients, a John Deere dealer. Our contribution has been to refine and expand on the original idea.

Before describing the Early Bird Equipment & Service Special, we will share with you some of the reasons why it’s such a powerful marketing concept.

In past years, Early Bird focused on our client’s customers. But in the summer of 2021, we began introducing the concept to non-customers, i.e., the competition’s customers. The results were remarkable. Below are the results from the two campaigns.

Dealer One calendared his sale to begin the first week of November. We began announcing it the first week in July. As of the end of October, here is what we accomplished:

  1. During the announcement phase, we delivered:
    1. 74 equipment leads and 129 Information Requests regarding equipment, and
    2. 76 Equipment and 153 Service callbacks once the sale began.
  2. From July through October, we averaged 1 Lead or Scheduled Callback every 2.25 hours. The average cost was $168 per Lead/Scheduled Callback.

Dealer Two selected October 4th to begin his sale. We started announcing Early Bird for him the first week in June. As of the end of October, here is what we accomplished:

  1. During the announcement phase, we delivered:
    1. 50 Equipment Leads, 5 Service Leads, and 15 Information Requests.
    2. Further, we scheduled 168 Equipment and 136 Service callbacks.
    3. During October, the first month of the Sale, we delivered:
    4. 34 Equipment Leads, 31 Service Leads, and 9 Information Requests.
    5. In addition, we scheduled 21 more Equipment and 7 Service Callbacks.
    6. Over the entire campaign, we have averaged 1 Lead or Scheduled callback every 1.66 hours. An average cost of $124 per Lead/Scheduled Callback.

Early Bird allows you to structure flexible campaigns. We’ve conducted campaigns that featured only Service and visa-versa. Below is an example of an Early Bird we designed for prospects and ran in 2021. You can adjust others to meet specific campaign requirements and pricing constraints.

Beginning in October and running through the end of the year, we will be running our annual Early Bird Equipment and Service Special. Here is how you benefit. If you order new equipment before the end of the year, we will reduce the price from 6 to 10% depending on brand and type.

If you need service work or an overhaul, we’ll inspect your equipment and give you a firm quote. If you authorize the work, we’ll discount the labor and the parts we install by 10%. And after we’ve completed the work, the payment won’t be due for 90 days, and we won’t charge interest either. Would you like us to call you back about either of these offers once the sale begins in October?”

Early Bird impacts sales in other positive ways. For instance, Early Bird’s offers are so attractive that customers and prospects normally do not pursue competitive offers. In effect, Early Bird has the power to remove customers and prospects from the marketplace. Another plus is an improvement in customer retention.

We’ve been working in the equipment industry since 1997, and our primary markets are agriculture, construction, and material handling.

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