What we do is relatively simple. Your salespeople are skilled at closing deals. We are skilled at taking customers away from the competition and motivating them to buy from you.

We are successful at that because, first, we know how to get a list of your competitions most valuable customers. Second, we use ingeniously designed marketing programs to entice them to buy from you instead of your competition.

Our objective is to deliver to your salespeople fully-qualified sales leads with buyers who are ready to purchase.

Finally, because our marketing approaches are unfamiliar to you, we off our service risk-free. That means, we will demonstrate our service by generating sales leads for your salespeople to evaluate, and then, only if you are fully satisfied with our service, will any money change hands.

Does that sound like a service that potentially could be valuable to your business? If so, we’d be delighted to answer your questions.

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Win by changing the rules

Other than the temporary demand being caused by supply chain issues, there may be scant evidence of increased demand for your products and services. In your market, the boundaries are defined, and the competitive rules well established. In reality, you and your competition are stuck in a competitive loop, each laboring to outperform the other for a greater share of existing demand. And because of that, sadly, the opportunity for increased sales and profits is diminished. But suppose the competitive rules changed, making the competition irrelevant?

Today, when going to market using the same set of competitive rules, the result is the same average-sized deals. To illustrate, I’m going to define an averaged sized deal as a ‘4’.

What would happen if instead of the average closed deal being a 4, like everyone else’s, your average-closed deal grew to 4.5? Would your sales revenue increase? How about your profits? That’s an illustration of what we guarantee to do for you. Increase the dollar value of your average-closed deal.

Now, if the patent office is closed and new ideas are hard to swallow, we can’t help. But if you are willing to explore changing the competitive rules and able to grow your businesses at the expense of your competition, we can demonstrate how to take more business away from your competition than you ever dreamed possible. And your competition will be powerless to stop you.

We change the competitive rules by adjusting the target market. Today, like your competition, your marketing and sales efforts are focused on all the end users in your sales territory. You’re trying to sell to everybody. Suppose instead, you focused your marketing and sales efforts on the largest and most valuable end users in your sales territory? If you did that, wouldn’t your average closed deals begin increasing in dollar value?

None of us needs to go to market  the way our competition does. If our marketing approach is failing to produce the results we need, then maybe it’s time to experiment with ideas that are resulting in growth for others.


Plan B is an alternative strategy to consider if your existing marketing and sales plan is failing to deliver the increased sales revenue, profits, and market share you desire.

Here are some questions related to Plan B to consider.

  • If your goal is to take business away from your competition, which customers would be most profitable  to take and retain? Your competition’s average customers or their top customers?

We can prove it to you, but do the math. You’ll discover that the top customers spend $16 annually for every $1 spent by the average customers. Since you’ve already have all the average customers you need, Plan B delivers only fully-qualified top tier customers.

  • Would you sell more equipment and aftermarket products and services if your customer retention were greater?

Studies show that 90% customer retention is achievable, and Plan B puts you smack dab in the middle of the path to achieve that.

  • Could you sell more equipment and aftermarket products and services if you had a database containing the contact information and purchase plans for the top tier customers in your sales territory?

Plan B’s deliverables include a list of your competition’s top tier customers and a Marketing and Sales Database containing their contact information and purchase plans.

If you’d like to know more about Plan B and other powerful growth strategies, send an email to with the subject line Plan B to [email protected] or fill out the HAVE QUESTIONS? below and say send me Plan B.

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