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Watch this 60 second video and see how Gro365 can increase your bottom-line risk-free!

By systematically taking your competition’s biggest moneymakers away from them, you are not just strengthening and enriching your company, but also gaining a significant competitive advantage, becoming stronger while your competition is weakening because their average deal size is diminishing, their margins are shrinking, and their profits are deceasing.

These 5 Keys explain how we work. 

Key 1

The List

We create a list of all of your competition’s customers. A non-disclosure agreement protects your business information while we complete an 80/20 analysis of your customers, and prepare a list of your customers who qualify to be included in the Top 20%. You’ll receive lists showing which customers buy the most equipment, services, and parts. We’ll study those demographic characteristics and  determine your customer’s SIC or NACIS Codes, annual sales volume, the number of employees they have, the number of locations, etc. Then we’ll generate a list of the businesses in your sales territory that match those demographics. We’ll remove your Ideal Customers from the list, and what’s left will be your competition’s Ideal Customers–their moneymakers! That list will constitute our Target List!

Key 2

The Database

We will contact each business the list and determine their purchase process, who is involved in decision-making, and gather their contact information along with the type/class and amount of equipment they have, when they bought it, who services it, who provides their parts, training, and their future purchase plans. We’ll find out how many shifts they work weekly and anything else you’d like to know. The cost of collecting this information and entering it into the Marketing and Sales Database we will create for you is about $4.50 per contact.
A word about equipment life cycle: Suppose the equipment you sell has a useful life of 10,000 hours, and the prospect works one shift per day, five days per week. That business will be ready to replace the equipment, on average, about every five years. If they work two shifts, about every 2 1/2 years, and if they work three shifts, about every 15 months. That information makes it possible for us to know how often they need to service their equipment and how to design training programs for them, assuming you offer training, parts inventory volumes, etc. Part of our business philosophy is that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. We’ll record the date we made the contact and all subsequent contacts. We’ll also make notes of each conversation. We’ll ensure they understand that we want to earn their business by providing superior service and attention to detail.

Key 3

Mining the Database

Your Marketing and Sales Database is a dynamic marketing window into future sales opportunities. In just a few years, you can forecast how many pieces of new equipment will be purchased and by whom in your upcoming fiscal year and be able too plan and create qualified lists for upcoming equipment and service campaigns, and more.

Key 4

Qualified Sales Leads

Our clients will tell you that their salespeople work with our leads first because they are highly qualified and timely. Over eight years, one of our clients, a John Deere dealer in California, increased his sales staff from 3 to 19 people because of the lead volume we generated for them. We expect our clients to specify what qualifies as a qualified lead, and then we deliver based on their specifications. We’re flexible too because clients have different needs. Where requested, we are glad to schedule and confirm sales appointments. If approved by you and as directed by your sales team, we can even follow up, schedule, and confirm future sales meetings.

Key 5

Customer Service

We can efficiently perform the first four steps for you, but we need your help and commitment to improve Step 5. With your help, your business’s growth will exceed your greatest expectations. Our 5-year goal is to significantly increase it through high-touch customer service. Too often, customers only hear from their vendors when it’s time for them to buy. We have several low- or no-cost customer service projects. We also have great ideas about how to convert the expense of customer service into an income stream.

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