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Gro365 is not suggesting you change anything . . .

. . . about how you market now or how your salespeople interact with your prospects or customers.

As leaders, our primary responsibility is to make good things happen.

You have a successful business, so it only makes sense to continue doing what created that success. But we suggest you consider adding something to increase your sales revenue and profits which will provide an unusually high ROI.

Gro365 works for the marketing and sales departments of industrial equipment manufacturers and distributors, representing everything from agricultural, construction, and material handling equipment to gas pumps, point-of-sales equipment, and more, to improve marketing productivity, reduce sales costs, and sell more units, parts, and services. 

It takes everyone’s contribution to make projects work.

Some clients want to sell every potential end user, and they have the capital, the manufacturing capacity, and the human resources to accomplish it. Others are more concerned about maximizing profits and focus their marketing and sales resources on their most significant and profitable end users, selling the crème de la crème and leaving the skim milk to their competition.

Gro365 has 25 years of experience addressing growing and successful companies’ marketing and sales needs, YOU select projects and set your qualifying criteria. We then have conversations with those prospects and customers.

Through these conversations, we ascertain where your prospects and customers are in their buying cycles and remain in touch with them until they are ready to buy again. At this point, Gro365 delivers fully qualified sales leads to your sales teams. All for less than $5 per contact.

Since you’ve probably never worked with anyone like Gro365, what follows is a HIGH ALTITUDE OVERVIEW of what we do.

This landing page is intended only as a HIGH ALTITUDE OVERVIEW of Gro365’s service. If you’d like a closer look, you may access several insightful articles such as “The Value of No,” “A Simple to Increase Profits by Controlling Deal Size,” more by clicking here.

See if Gro365 is the right fit for you!

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