We’re Gro365 and we’re a Unique Marketing and Sales Support Organization For Industrial Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors!

Since 1998, Gro365 has been engaged in growing B2B industrial equipment manufacturers and distributors. Our clients, who sell new and used equipment along with aftermarket products and services, have experienced remarkable success. Many have grown substantially in market share and profits after partnering with us. And when the time is right, if you’d like, we’ll arrange for you to have conversations with them.

Why do manufacturers and distributors choose to partner with us? This might help you understand their reasoning. When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton, a notorious criminal from the 1930s, explained he robbed banks because that’s where they kept the money. Gro365, with our expertise and 25 years of experience, takes the biggest and most lucrative customers from your competition for the same reason. That’s where the money is!

Your competition’s high-volume customers are not just any revenue source; they represent your business’ most profitable new revenue source. Our clients want to increase profits, and in almost every case, the most productive, least expensive way to accomplish that is by expanding their market share, which is why we specialize in identifying your competition’s most profitable and valuable customers and using the information they give us and our skills to persuade them to buy from you instead of your competition.

You may not have thought about it, but the top 20% of your competition’s Ideal Customers spend $16 on equipment and aftermarket products and services for every $1 spent by their remaining 80%. If this sounds fishy, we’ll gladly walk you through the proof. From here on in, we’ll refer to this most coveted 20 % as Ideal Customers and the remaining 80% as Non-Ideal Customers.

Focusing on your competition’s Ideal Customers means a massive increase in equipment sales and profits. Our marketing activities are laser-focused on your competition’s Ideal Customers because that’s how we maximize your ROI.

With our proven expertise, Gro365 can identify your competition’s Ideal Customers and engage them in meaningful conversations, gather their contact information and purchase plans, even find out who is servicing their equipment or from whom they buy parts, and just about anything else you’d like you’d like to know about.  Gro365’s process is affordable, reliable, and a unique opportunity for you to experience a highly productive, new type of service. We’re so confident in our ability to help grow your company that we will demonstrate its effectiveness in your sales territory. And here’s the best part: you won’t owe us a dime if you aren’t satisfied. We offer our service Risk-Free because we believe in our ability to deliver results.

Systematically taking your competition’s most valuable customers away from them strengthens and enriches your company, providing you with a significant competitive advantage. While your company is becoming stronger, your competitions’ business will weaken because of declining equipment and aftermarket sales and profits, because of sinking margins, and decreased employee productivity. That’s competitive advantage!

There are 4 sequential steps in taking Ideal Customers away from your competition. To these 4 steps, we urge you to add a liberal dose of Secret Sauce, which our experience has taught us is a prerequisite to sealing your competition’s Ideal Customers to you. What’s the Secret Sauce? It’s your commitment to the highest possible level of differentiating customer service . . . a commitment to the level of customer service you’d expect if you were one of your Ideal Customers.

We are fully qualified in every way to deal with the 4 steps, but your crucial role in taking Ideal Customers away from your competition and retaining them is providing the Secret Sauce. Your willingness to do that is not just necessary; it catalyzes our mutual success in growing your market share and profitability. We have all sorts of inexpensive ideas to assist you in achieving that standard.

Step 1

Putting Together a List of Your Competition’s Ideal Customers

Creating a list of your competition’s Ideal Customers is complicated, but describing the process isn’t. After signing a non-disclosure agreement to protect your proprietary business information, we will undertake and complete an analysis of your customers. As part of the process, we will provide you with a complete list of your Ideal Customers. You’ll receive lists showing which customers buy the most equipment, services, parts, etc. Once we’ve isolated your Ideal Customers, we will study their demographic characteristics. Using our resources, we will determine your customers’ annual sales volume, number of employees, number of locations, SIC or NACIS Codes, etc. Using those demographic, we’ll generate a list of all of the businesses in your sales territory that align with the demographics of your Idea Customers. Once we complete the list, we will remove your Ideal Customers from it. What will be left will be a complete list of the Ideal Customers throughout your sales territory. That list will constitute your Target List.

Step 2

Gathering Marketing and Sales Information

With the Target List in hand, we will then contact your competition’s customers. We will determine their purchase process, which decision-makers are involved, and gather their contact information. We’ll determine the types/classes and amount of equipment they have, when they acquired it, who services it, who provides their parts, training, etc. And we’ll learn about their future purchase plans. We’ll find out how many shifts they work, etc. After collecting this information and entering it into the Marketing and Sales Database we will create for you, you will see the real cost is about $4.50 per contact.

A word about equipment life cycle: suppose the equipment you sell has a useful life of 10,000 hours, and the prospect works one shift per day, five days per week. On average, that business will be ready to replace its equipment about every five years. If they work two shifts, about every 2 1/2 years, and if they work three shifts, about every 15 months. That information makes it possible for us to know how often your competition’s customers will replace equipment and how frequently to contact them about maintenance, training, etc. Part of our business philosophy is that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so we measure everything. We’ll record the date we made the contact and all subsequent contacts. We’ll also make notes of each conversation, and so on. We’ll ensure they understand that we want to earn their business by providing superior customer service and attention to detail.

Step 3

Mining the Marketing and Sales Database

We will provide you and your team with a dynamic window so you can see each prospect and customer’s future needs and turn those needs into sales opportunities. In just a few years, you can forecast how many pieces of new equipment will be purchased during your upcoming fiscal year and by whom. The window will also allow you to plan and create qualified lists for upcoming equipment and service campaigns. You will also be able to balance and align sales territories more accurately.

Step 4

Identifying Qualified Sales Leads

Our clients will tell you that their salespeople work our leads first because they are timely and qualified. Over eight years, one of our clients, a John Deere dealer in California, increased his sales staff from 3 to 19 people because of the lead volume we generated for them. We expect our clients to specify what determines a qualified lead, and then we deliver based on their specifications. Because clients have different needs, when requested, we are glad to schedule and confirm sales appointments. Afterward, if you approve, as directed by your sales team, we can follow up, schedule, and confirm future sales meetings. We can conduct customer satisfaction surveys and deal with and resolve most customer service issues.

The Secret Sauce

Exceptional Customer Service Without Fail or Fumble

We can efficiently perform the first 4 steps for you, but we need your help and commitment to providing the Secret Sauce. If we do our respective parts, your

business’ growth will exceed your greatest expectations. Whatever your company’s customer retention rate is, our 5-year goal is to work together to significantly increase it. Too often, customers only hear from their vendors when it’s time for them to buy. We offer several low- or no-cost customer service programs. We also have great ideas about how you can convert the expense of customer service into income streams.

During the first year or two, your competition won’t notice that they are losing their most lucrative customers. Oh, they’ll see fluctuations in sales, but the shrinkage will be hard to measure or even detect because we’ll spread our marketing campaigns over your entire sales territory. And even then, they aren’t going to know to whom their customers are migrating. It may take a couple of years to notice that they are losing their most valuable customers. And if you don’t tell them how you’re doing it, we promise not to tell them either! Even when they figure it out, they will be powerless to stop you.

We are anxious to tell you more. The process is complicated because it has many moving parts, but the methodology is easy to understand.

If you’d like to know more, click this link, which will take you to Kent Ekstrom’s (Project Coordinator) calendar. Pick the day and time that best suits your schedule and select a 15- or 30-minute conversation.

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